The Trans Cambrian Way?

The Trans Cambrian Way is a long distance mountain bike route spanning the width of Wales from Knighton to Dovey Junction on the west coast. The route is approximately 100 miles long and crosses through some very remote countryside. Originally devised and mapped by IMBA, it was intended to be a 3 day ride. There are plenty of riders who will find a 3 day crossing a satisfying challenge ... then there are the 'others'!


To help maintain a 'level playing field' a list of guidelines have been drawn up. If you'd like to submit your time then please adhere to them ... hopefully you'll find they add to the experience rather than detract from it.

1/ Singlespeed riders will have 'SS' after their time.

2/ E-W and W-E are both viable options for a 1 way run but 'results' will state which way the run was completed.

3/ Re-supply at commercial outlets is allowed.

4/ No outside support of any kind allowed. That includes food or gear caches.

5/ Double attempts can be started at either end but there will be no distinction made in 'results'.

6/ Only total elapsed time counts, not riding time.

7/ Anyone submitting a time must have a way of proving it ... SPOT, GPS tracklog, etc.

8/ The entire IMBA route must be followed for a 'result' to stand.

9/ Solo, pairs or group attempts are valid but a distinction will be made in the results.